A Love Letter to Hate Speech

I LOVE the KKK. Not for what they stand for. But for what they stand for. Absolute Freedom of Speech.

Shortly after I moved to Colorado from the UK, I remember talking with some colleagues about a man who was ranting on the street about the ‘sin of homosexuality.’ I remember boasting with pride about how he would have been arrested in the United Kingdom because we don’t tolerate intolerance. I felt a sense of superiority in my country. How much better Great Britain was: Hate Speech was actually enshrined in our law.  I saw reports of the Westboro Baptist church and could only imagine how ashamed many Americans would be that such people were allowed to protest in public against homosexuality. Britain would never allow such intolerance, I thought smugly. I heard of the KKK and wondered how disgusted Americans must feel, having such a hateful group be allowed to exist in their country. Oh if only America had laws against Hate Speech, I thought pitifully.

But a year in The Land of the Free changed things. It liberated my mind. The longer I spent away from Big Brother, the clearer it became. Britain isn’t progressive. It’s very, very backward.

Hate Speech. The very phrase is so Orwellian it makes my skin crawl even typing it out. New Speak. Hate Speech. Double Think. Thought Police.

Thought Police. And you best believe the British Government are the Thought Police. Because when you tell a human they cannot voice an opinion, you are telling a human they cannot THINK that opinion. And that’s a fucking dangerous power for the government to be having. We are censoring the thoughts of the generation we are raising. ‘But why is it bad that we tell children they can’t think girls are stupid and boys are clever?’  Because, firstly, where does it end? Today we’re not allowed to voice an opinion that is sexist, homophobic or racist. Tomorrow society changes and all of a sudden we can’t voice an opinion against incest, or paedophilia or anything else that seems so morally taboo right now.

Secondly, what’s so wrong about someone holding a bigoted opinion? It’s a fucking opinion. And THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A WRONG OPINION. There are unsavory opinions, unpopular opinions, ignorant opinions and ridiculous opinions. But an opinion, by its very nature, cannot be wrong. Arresting someone for voicing an opinion is tantamount to arresting someone for thinking against the societal norm. For thinking critically. It is not the Government’s place to be the morality police. In Saudi Arabia it’s a crime say homosexuality should be legal. In Britain it’s a crime to say it shouldn’t be. Just WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE? Seriously, please let me know just what the difference is. Because we have two societies with two difference perspectives on a social matter. We have two interfering governments controlling and instilling this social opinion.  If you are a Brit and you think that we are in any single way more progressive that Saudi Arabia, then think again.

Of course, the British Government don’t want to stamp out homophobia, racism or bigotry. Why would they care if a boy who enjoys ballet gets called a gaylord? Why would they really care if Mr. Patel gets called a Paki? The motives of the British Government are far, far more sinister. They want to control our thoughts. Want more proof? Is there less racism, sexism, homophobia in Britain than in America? Well, having lived on both sides of the pond, I’d say not really. Hate Speech laws haven’t stamped out ‘socially unsavory’ opinions. They’ve just told decent people what they can and can’t think. Tyson Fury, a practicing Catholic and otherwise good man, actually got QUESTIONED BY THE POLICE for saying he didn’t believe in Gay marriage.

When prompted in an interview, a civilian stated that due to his personal and religious beliefs, he doesn’t believe that homosexual marriage – which has only become legal in the last few years – should be allowed. Did he say all gays should die? No. Did he express any hatred towards gays? No. Did he imply that he intended to harm any gay people? No.  And yet he was treated like a genuine criminal. The authorities actually threw their weight around and instead of catching, you know, rapists and paedophiles and murderers, they used our tax money to question a man for voicing an opinion. An opinion he was asked to give.

I wish to God I was joking.

So, back to the KKK. Why do I love their existence so?  The KKK represents what is arguably the most hateful, absurd and socially unacceptable view in the whole of civilized society. As far as opinions go, the KKK represents the very lowest. To believe that one skin colour is superior to another is as ridiculous as it is offensive. A high estimate for the membership of the KKK is 8000 people. So, in a country of 369,000,000 people, where every single person has the freedom to join the most prevalent White Supremacy group, 0.0025% of the population chooses to do so. The price America pays for total freedom of speech is that the tiniest of minorities  who hold the most intolerant views have a right to be heard.

Americans are Free because they are Brave. Only cowards try to censor opinions they don’t like. Only cowards hide behind ‘hate speech’ laws. Of all the people I met in America, none of them ever wanted to ban the KKK. Sure, they disliked the idea of them. But they disliked more the idea of the Government controlling their right to think. The acceptance of the KKK existence represents the Bravery and Freedom of the American People.

In every single country in the world, the government has a level of thought control. Dictators love thought control: Putin, Kim Jong Un, Mugabe et al. Cowardly leaders too fearful to allow their people freedom of opinion. Do not be ashamed of the KKK. Hold them up as a beacon to the rest of the world. It is the envy of every country. It is the promised land where no voice will be censored. Britain has a lot to learn.




The problem with ISIS

The real problem with ISIS is that ISIS are not the real problem.

I wish they were. I wish to God they were. Because the real problem is much, much worse.

For the longest time I wondered why the UK government was so limp-wristed in their approach to ISIS. And then one day I realised. I realised something I had known deep down all along.

The British Government don’t hate ISIS. They support them.

ISIS aren’t the enemy. They’re a weapon. They’re a very effective weapon as well.

It’s not a new revelation that the British Government hate its people. For two thousand years us peasants have been treated as little more than money-making ants, and, to our shame, we have accepted this pecking order. King after King, Lord after Lord. The hierarchy has always been in place and we, the masses, have always been at the bottom. But I’m not here to rant on about the need for socialism. In fact, I think a mobile hierarchy is a great template for society, and the only true flaw with Britain’s social system was the inability for men to easily climb up the ladder. I’m writing this because the current government’s contempt for us is now literally killing us.

We get frustrated because the country’s authorities are so soft on extremists, but the government wants terror attacks. As long as Lee Rigby is getting beheaded in the street and innocent concert goers are being exploded, we are scared. And as long as we are scared we will willingly give up our rights. Why use basic common sense and tough measures to crackdown on ISIS when you can use the fear of the people to pass through more creepy Orwellian laws that take basic freedoms away from the masses?

The last person on this Earth I want to agree with is Cherie Blair or any close relative, but it pains me to admit that her sister was right when she said young British Muslims gravitate towards Islam extremism because they’re disenfranchised with life. People dismissed her and said she was making excuses for terrorists. But she wasn’t. She was giving a very good explanation. The overall suicide rate in young men in Britain is appallingly high. We’re told it’s because young men struggle to talk about mental health. But that is complete and utter bullshit. It’s because Britain today is a barren wasteland in terms of future prospects. I’m a young female and I get depressed when I think about how tough it is out there and how much pressure there is for me to succeed.  For a man, it must be much worse. Want to buy a house? No chance.  Hey I see you’ve got a degree in Sociology, that’ll be good for a dead end job in a call centre. Oh you want to become self employed? Sure, just jump through these thousand hoops and don’t get too tangled in all the red tape.

However hard it is for young women, just imagine the pressure for young men to prove themselves. So many must feel like failures and it breaks my heart. Young Englishmen turn in on themselves and commit suicide. Muslims are courted by ISIS. A suicide bomber is still a man driven to commit suicide, whether he takes fifty others with him or not. He was still driven to end his life. Look, for however evil and vile ISIS is as a weapon, the suicide bombers they use were once healthy young men whose disillusioned minds and lack of hope was twisted against them. Of course, if the government cared,  we could sort this out. If a young man – Muslim or not – has hope for a happy successful future, why on earth would he be convinced to blow himself up? You can’t talk a healthy mind into suicide. Help ALL  young men work for a better future. But it’s hard to imagine Big Brother giving a shit.

Does it not strike anyone as strange that a government – any government – would spend time and money in stopping Jihadi supporters from leaving the country and allow them to continue living among its people? Does a three year sentence in a low-security prison for planning to commit the heinous crime of mass murder not strike anyone as unduly lenient? Does it not seem unusual that a government that had its citizens best interests at heart would allow that?

Of course, if ISIS were eradicated, the British public wouldn’t be scared. And it’s harder to take rights away from fearless people.

Recently the government passed a law which granted them authority to look up anyone’s Internet search history at any time. To look up my internet search history. To look up your internet search history. This is the modern day equivalent of barging into someone’s house, forcing your way into their bedroom, lifting up the mattress and rifling through the findings. It’s controlling and invasive to say the least. They said it was in the name of fighting terrorism, but it didn’t stop 22 innocent lives getting obliterated in Manchester. It didn’t stop the rampages in London. And it sure as hell won’t stop the next bomber. I have been nothing but a meek, law-abiding citizen in this country my entire life. I pay taxes and toe the line. I volunteer for charity and give back to the community. As far back as my family tree stretches, I have ancestors living on this land. Like the majority of people living on this island, I have never shown an ounce of hostility towards my country, my neighbours or my government. And yet my privacy has been taken away. There’s a disgustingly creepy mentality going around of ‘if you’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve got nothing to fear’, and this is when you know 1984 really has come to life. Benjamin Franklin’s said it best: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

Well, we gave up our essential liberty, and safety we received none.

But it’s hard to say we deserve it.