I will explain here exactly why I am writing this blog, and what I hope to achieve.

I’m a full-blooded Brit, and spent the first twenty four years of my life living quite contently in my homeland. Did I have gripes with my government? Of course I did. But which tax-paying resident doesn’t have some complaints about the way their country is run? I complained about the prison system, the NHS, the schools, the welfare state – all the regular stuff – but I was also engaged enough to know that the majority of residents all over the world complained about these issues too, and surely I was no different.

So I wasn’t overly happy with the powers that be – the crusty fatcats in Parliament – but I had no reason to suspect anything sinister of their policies. Just a frustrating incompetence.

Then I moved to America for a year. And my eyes were opened.

Soon after arriving, I remember proudly telling my colleagues how in Britain you can get arrested for voicing homophobic, racist or sexist opinions. Oh how progressive Britain is!

It struck me as odd that they didn’t seem envious of this wonderful progressive land I came from. My black colleagues weren’t all that impressed that racism was an arrestable offence. My gay colleagues weren’t all that impressed that homophobia was an arrestable offence. And my female colleagues weren’t all that impressed that sexism was an arrestable offence.

What was wrong with these people? Didn’t they realise that the British government was protecting people like them? Didn’t they realise that Britain was far more progressive – we didn’t tolerate the KKK or Westboro baptist church! Why weren’t they envious?

In Britain, U.S. history isn’t widely taught in schools. The more I think about this, the stronger I believe it is absolute madness. America declaring independence from Britain has to be one of the greatest, most influential events in western civilisation. That most Brits don’t even know the basics of this chapter in history is shocking. But of course, why would the British government want their worker bees to know the truth? Because the truth is this: The US constitution is simply a handbook. A handbook on HOW NOT TO BE BRITAIN. And the first rule? FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

It shames and shocks me the snooty European attitude Brits often have towards America. In the 21st century, the dismissive sentiments shouldn’t exist, but it a ingrained in our culture to not take ‘New World’ America seriously. Americans are often stereotyped as loud, ignorant and uncultured. I believe this speaks volumes about our own ignorance and dangerous arrogance. I say ‘dangerous’ because we are damaging ourselves by not looking to America for guidance. The USA is a country founded on breaking free from the chains of the British Government. We could learn a lot. The country is founded on Bravery and Freedom. These are two things that are sadly lacking in modern Britain. If the people of Britain believed in Freedom as Americans do, and if we had their bravery to fight for freedom, we would be in a much healthier state.

Throughout the year I did a lot of compare and contrasts with Britain and America, as I learned more and more about the latter’s history, the more it dawned on me just how deeply corrupt the British Government is. Not just with Freedom of Speech, which they so kindly deny us, but the whole Balance of Power.

Upon returning the Britain, it was only too clear how corrupt, controlling and seedy our government is.

Allow me to explain one thing though: I believe it is incredibly important to separate ‘Britain’ from ‘British Government’. Although the two are naturally entwined, only one is a true evil.

Britain is tea-drinking and self-deprecation and stiff upper lip and complaining about the weather and beautiful gardens and narrow, winding roads and beautiful rolling hills. It’s the land I grew up in, it’s the people I grew up around. It is a wonderful land.

But the British Government is the most controlling, corrupt entity to ever rule over a people. And still to this day you best believe that they control us. Now more than ever.

One of my heroes- the late George Orwell – could see the corruption of our government and wrote a chillingly realistic book in 1948 which foretold the future of our country. Sadly, today, we are closer to his premonition than ever before. I tie myself in knots wanting to fight against it.

The British government strangle the tax payer with bureaucracy. They use the fear of terrorism and crime to take away more of our freedom every day. This is nothing new: This corruption has deep roots. Britain has seen two millennia of tyrannical, controlling government. I’m not a billionaire. I’m not a celebrity. I’m not a politician. I have no more influence than the next person.

But I do have a corner of the internet. And if all I can do is articulate how and why our government is corrupt, then that is what I will do.

What do I hope to achieve? A revolution against the UK Government would be nice. To finish off what Guy Fawkes started. Realistically though, I just want to vent my own anger. I want to reach out to anyone who also feels hatred against Big Brother, to let them know they are not alone. You are not alone.